By Justin

Mum is running again - not for the first time or the last. At 5 I'm too young to understand but I know something is up- there are secrets in the air. Bed early. "Go to sleep - I'll have a surprise when you wake up". No chance of sleeping, just waiting 'till I hear the stairs creak. Pulled out bed and dressed in the middle of the night, little brother stays asleep, bundled into a car, out to the airport and onto a plane.

How and why we flew I will never know but off we went into the cold night. The Aer Lingus "Starflight". The name sounded exciting - this was going to be an adventure. It always stuck in my mind but it is so long ago now I had to check online to make sure I hadn't imagined it.

If I close my eyes and press my fingers into them I see patterns of light form- it hurts a bit but the way the patterns form and change is too interesting not to. Looking down as we cross England the darkness is broken by patterns of streetlights appearing and vanishing between burnt orange clouds. I dream this many times later on.

By the time we landed I was tired and excitement left me waiting for bags, driving for ever until at last we came to a door on a dark street. Straight up to a makeshift bed on bare floorboards in a room filled with stuff and lit by a bare bulb. End of a long night and start of a new chapter. I can still hear the echoes all these years on.

Justin, Phoenix, Arizona